I Love Life

I love the shining sun and the twilight;
I love Valentines and a broken heart;
I love bright blue skies and the dark of night;
I love falling flat and a fresh new start!

I love cold ice cream and hot noodle soup;
I love roaring laughter and wet faces;
I love dear old friends and a brand new group;
I love neat old haunts and strange new places!

I love knowing smiles and funny looks;
I love obesity and skinny jeans;
I love rowdy music and quiet books;
I love great pacifists and the Marines!

I love all that God has for me in life;
I just hope that one day I’ll find a wife.

Never Give Up

It sometimes feels like I go through more disappointment and failure in a week than most people experience in a year. I get the impression that what some call “The Worst Day of Their Lives,” I call “Tuesday.” Maybe my life does not look that way to you, I have no idea. However, from my perspective, for every win I get it feels like I “take the L” a thousand other times. I have at different points failed at relationships, job applications, tests (and all the college students said “amen”), righteousness, sports, and many other things. If you can name it, I’ve probably tried it and failed at it.